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The Britannia Awards are BAFTA Los Angeles’ highest accolade, a “celebration of achievements honouring individuals and companies which have devoted their careers to advancing the entertainment arts”. The Awards began in 1989 and often happen in October/November every year. There aren’t any awards given to specific motion pictures or TV programmes, solely to people. During the primary ten years, one award was given at every occasion, named the ‘Britannia Award for Excellence in Film’, but since 1999 the variety of awards has increased. Since 2007 the Children’s Awards have included a Kids Vote award, voted by kids between seven and 14.

Although he’ll proceed to make martial arts films, Fearless is his last wushu epic. In Fearless, he played Huo Yuanjia, the real-life founding father of Chin Woo Athletic Association, who reportedly defeated international boxers and Japanese martial artists in publicised events at a time when China’s power was seen … Read More