Top 50 Animation Movies And Tv Shows

best animation movie

It’s a wonderful story that features the traditional voices of Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany (Lois Lane), Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor), and even Mark Hamill (Joker) himself. It’s one for the ages and one which anyone who considers themselves a fan of any of those characters, or DC as a whole for that matter, should watch. The Death of Superman might be some of the extensively-liked DC animated movies, let alone one of the well-liked animated Superman efforts.

Klaus received positive reviews for the superb animation, story, and vocal performances. Moreover, the movie also grabbed won seven awards at the forty seventh Annie Awards, together with Best Animated Feature.

Teen Titans Go gets lots of flak as a result of it replaced the ever-lovable Teen Titans series with the very same voice cast, which must have been frustrating/confusing for a lot of loyal fans. And while that feeling is … Read More