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Realizing how lonely and empty his personal life feels compared to hers, Kim begins to reassess the nature of his existence. For 15 years, businessman Oh Dae-su was imprisoned in a lodge room, with no concept why. At the start of Oldboy, Oh will get released — and tries to uncover the mysteries behind his incarceration. He quickly stumbles upon a darkish internet of conspiracy that encompasses violent gangsters and a figure from his previous.

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Instead of cursing his luck for getting bitten by a genetically-modified spider, he sees it as a chance to make a difference, donning the pink-and-blue tights to turn into everyone’s favourite internet-slinger. The unabashedly joyful scenes in which Peter (Tobey Maguire) begins exploring his new-discovered powers make being a superhero look like so. Fuelled by Sam Raimi’s enthusiastic path, that sense of fun is tempered with just the correct quantity of gravitas, … Read More